High Quality Standard

We are committed to the highest applicable standards for food safety.

Thanks to our effective supply chain management, we export fruits, vegetables, canned food, dried food, legumes, cereals, spices and seafood to European, Middle Eastern and African countries with our DEXXFOOD brand.

High Quality Standard

Our ISO 22000 HACCP Food Safety Management System requires the control and surveillance of all manufacturers and stakeholder businesses in our supply chain at all stages from manufacturing to the end of the supply chain.
We are committed to the production of all stages of the production chain of all the food products, we export, in accordance with the Food Safety standard in Vegetable and Fruit Production, their preservation, transportation and sale in accordance with the hygiene rules.

ÜWe follow the highest Food Safety and Traceability procedures to ensure the quality of your products.

Gıda Güvenliği ve İzlenebilirlik prosedürlerini izliyoruz. Our mission is to be a leader in the national food sector and have a say in international activities with the experience we have gained from our deep-rooted industrial past.
The principles we take as a basis together with all our stakeholders in our commercial journey that we started form the basis of our quality policy.

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