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In addition to thermal insulation materials, which are indispensable for the construction industry, we started to offer the basic needs of the construction industry under the ThermoDEXX® brand, with products such as technical adhesives, waterproofing products, heat insulation products, primers, surface cleaners and protectors, etc. in our portfolio.
Looking for ways to meet the expectations of its customers at the highest level against the traditional ways of doing business of the thermal insulation sector, ThermoDEXX® has made it its mission to establish a relationship based on trust with its customers with the corporate and innovative solutions it has brought to the sector.


Paint Insulation Systems

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Thermoizol Heat and Insulation Coating

Thermoizol is a modern and innovative thermal insulation coating made on the basis of acrylic polymers and hollow microspheres.

Thermoizol coating is designed to reduce the amount of heat given off by the treated surface, as well as to solve the problems of reducing the amount of solar or other thermal energy affecting technological equipment or structures.

The heat and energy-saving coating is designed for thermal insulation of buildings from the inside.

The coating with a thickness of 1 mm has a barrier protection (does not release heat, does not let the cold pass), effectively eliminates freezing and condensation.

It forms a strong, thermally insulating, abrasion-resistant, elastic coating that effectively protects the insulated surface from the effects of hot, cold weather conditions.

The painted surface "breathes".

Due to the constituent components, a protective film is formed against mold and mildew. Heat loss is reduced by 40%.

Sustainability with Heat Saving

Insulation, besides being a necessity today for a sustainable future and energy saving, is an issue that requires expertise and is too important not to be simplified.

ThermoDEXX® Liquid Thermal Insulation is an ultra energy-saving thermal insulation coating designed to quickly and economically solve insulation, condensation, mold and fungus problems on walls.

It is a multi-level system of high-quality silicone binder, antifungal and anti-corrosion additives, several vacuumized microspheres, which prevents the formation of mold on walls and rust on metal surfaces.

Liquid insulation is a thermal insulation coating consisting of a polymer binder and hollow glass microspheres.

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