Thermal Insulation

Well Right Investment

Turkey's youngest mineral wool producer DEXXWOOL has managed to become the preferred rock wool producer in the national and international markets, with the product quality it has developed and by adopting 100% customer satisfaction as a principle.
As DEXXWOOL, we play an
important role in saving increasing
energy consumption by producing
products with high energy efficiency,
and contribute to the reduction of
heat loss, increased energy consumption
and CO2 emissions
What is Rockwool?
It is a type of mineral wool
obtained as a result of melting
and spraying rocks such as basalt,
diabase, dolomite, mixing with bakelite
and then passing them through special processes.
It can be produced in different sizes and
technical features, with different coating
materials, in the form of mattresses,
plates, pipes and casts, depending on the
place and purpose of use

Usage areas:

It is used in wall, column, beam, roof and facade applications of buildings that require heat, sound, moisture and fire insulation.

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