We Are
In Every Area of Life

Quality and Stable Supply Chain

We carefully control our suppliers to protect our customers and provide safe and tested products.
We consider the product and service quality as a whole, and increase our strength by feeding on our uncompromising values and our stable and consistent structure.
Our company, which serves as UNISODA in the chemical industry, is a Unichimica organization with its roots in Italy for 100 years.
General Chemicals
In the General Chemicals category, we meet the basic chemical needs of industries that address different production and service areas.
We are with you in all areas of life with our wide product range that appeals to almost every field in which chemistry exists, such as Textile, Leather, Water Technologies, Environment, Food, Metal Surface Treatment, Metal Coating, Rubber, Plastic, Packaging, Petrochemistry, Mineral Oil, Mining, Energy.

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